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The Breast & Chest Buddy

Offering seatbelt comfort to those breast and chest surgery patients at a time when very little is comfortable.

About Us

What Is It?

  • The Breast & Chest Buddy™ is a unique, patented seatbelt cocoon to better cushion delicate mastectomy and breast reconstruction sites.    

  • No mastectomy patient should leave the hospital or breast center without the Breast & Chest Buddy™ in place.                

  • Designed to make the post-surgical ride home, and every ride thereafter, a more comfortable and safer experience.    

  • Portable, washable, and designed for bilateral use.    

  • 100% American made!

People Are Talking!

  • "Love it! I'm in my last 3 wks. Of RT and getting pretty sensitive; I also am short and the seat belt rubs on my neck. I used it today and it helped so much to keep friction and pressure off my breast and neck. I can already tell I'll be using this beauty long after the cancer is dealt with!"

  • "This was a godsend for my mother. She went through her second bout of breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. It really helped her after the surgery until she fully healed. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone going through breast or chest surgery."

  • "This has made traveling in vehicles so much more comfortable after a recent BC lumpectomy & lymph node biopsy. I love that is is Velcro, so I can take it from vehicle to vehicle with ease."

  • "Great item. Soft and provides enough padding to keep seat belt from rubbing or pressing too tightly. Gives nice peace of mind for getting back into the car for trips."

About Maria

Maria Jiunta Heck, President of Green Gables Enterprises, designer and owner of the Breast & Chest Buddy™, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and underwent a bilateral mastectomy.  As every mastectomy patient knows, our bodies become difficult to maneuver immediately following surgery, and simple tasks, such as driving a car and fastening a seatbelt prove daunting and difficult. 

Because a mastectomy patient may go through multiple procedures over the next 8 to 12 months, it is imperative to cushion the delicate area where a seatbelt rests daily. A pillow is not the answer.

Since no one had ever designed a product like this at the time, she would. Thus, the Breast & Chest Buddy™ was born. Nine years and ten procedures later and Maria still wears her Breast & Chest Buddy™ every, single day. 

No one understands what a mastectomy patient needs like another mastectomy patient.

The Chest Buddy for our Heart Patients

Our Breast & Chest Buddies for mastectomy patients  became so popular wiith open heart surgery patients, that we decided we needed a Buddy just for those special customers. The Chest Buddy for the Heart is available in a light gray, cozy green and soft pink.

Simply note the color on your order form, via PayPal.


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